IFE Occupational Therapy School



IFE, the institute for education in occupational therapy, opens its doors in 2018, having set up two other training programs in physiotherapy and podiatry at the École d’Assas. The objective of IFE Assas is to train future professionals in the rehabilitation and integration of persons with disabilities in their environmental, professional and social environments.
Established in the Domaine du Mérantais, IFE Assas has adopted an innovative approach where local key players are responsible for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. The objective of the course, situated in a real setting among persons with disabilities, is to promote the professional development of students while improving service offerings and tackling the issue of rehabilitation. Located on the periphery of Yvelines and Essonne, the institute is an ideal choice for the recruitment of future professionals around the Paris-Saclay basin. The projects that are part of the Paris-Saclay cluster will further facilitate the recruitment of students and lead to an increase in job opportunities for these professionals, based on the needs of the region.

Considering the ongoing developments in health and with more and more people becoming health conscious, occupational therapy is an emerging profession that works towards maximising the independence of patients. During rehabilitation activities, the occupational therapist looks for functional deficits and residual capacities of patients based on an original, utilitarian and creative model. This proactive feature of the course contributes to increasing the independence of persons with disabilities, both in personal care as well as work and leisure.

To enhance student skills, IFE Assas has partnered with institutes abroad, both in Europe and other continents. Courses in English taught by international teachers are offered to draw attention to the international scope of the profession.
This innovative feature brings together local students of occupational therapy and foreign students, and helps in the occupational integration of future professionals in the rehabilitation sector.

Danièle Maille
Director of the IFE Assas