The program in occupational therapy is spread over 3 years and consists of 5 internship periods in accordance with the Decree of July 5, 2010. As part of its educational project, IFE Assas offers a diverse range of internships, including internships abroad. In the academic year of 2018, IFE Assas will welcome 30 students in the first year of the occupational therapy program.

Ergothérapie Assas


The project and the patient
How can we help people with disabilities to manage their daily lives?
Patients can regain independence through rehabilitation and creativity, by learning through games as well as the simulation of professional and social situations. The layout of the physical environment and the modification of the workstation or classroom are important for the reintegration of people with disabilities.
The program in occupational therapy at IFE Assas helps in developing skills for the care of such patients. The quality of education is based on the students’ acquisition of the knowledge, know-how and skills required to be a qualified occupational therapist.

Assas ErgoEnhancing professionalism among occupational therapists helps to create a conceptual and practical approach for the maintenance of functional, intellectual and cognitive abilities through work and human activity. This feature takes into account the lifestyle of the patient, through numerous evaluations and treatment plans. The actions range from the prevention of disabilities to end-of-life care. Thus, this “biological, psychosocial, systemic and transversal vision of health” takes into account the context and the culture of the persons concerned.

Interculturality and Occupational Therapy
Assas ErgothérapieIFE Assas offers programs with an ambitious international aspect by integrating courses in English to enable access to every student. During the program, students are made aware of the cultural issues of internationalisation. IFE Assas acknowledges the professionalism of teaching in a foreign language, of exchanges with teachers from various backgrounds, and the discovery of other professional practices.

Multi-professional platforms and Occupational Therapy
Assas ErgothérapieFrom the first year, students discover the multi-professional nature of caring for a patient. Workshops with students from other disciplines help to discover synergy between healthcare professionals. The occupational therapist must be able to interact with professionals in healthcare as well as domestic medical systems and architects.