Course and state qualification

Course schedule

Training has been based on theory lessons, projects and practical training on the patient’s foot since 2012. As per the podiatrist state qualification framework, the course is made up of 6 subjects with 59 modules over 6 semesters.

The 6 subjects are:

  • Physical, medical and biological sciences
  • Human and social sciences, law and management
  • Podiatry sciences and basics
  • Clinical and therapeutic methods in podiatry
  • Working methods and tools
  • Podiatry knowledge integration and professional development

The course framework is based on gaining the skills required to work in the various fields involved in podiatry. Training is built around case studies and clinical work. Student progress in skills acquisition during clinical training is detailed in a portfolio.

An agreement has been signed with the Université Versailles-Saint Quentin: universities involved in providing training in fundamental science and research. The university partnership enables students to get a state qualification in podiatry and a degree grade so they can do a Master’s course.

Course programme

The first year is in 2 semesters (S1 S2)
S1 Programme (in French)
S2 Programme (in French)

The second year is in 2 semesters (S3 S4)
S3 Programme (in French)
S4 Programme (in French)

The third year is in 2 semesters (S5 S6)
S5 Programme (in French)
S6 Programme (in French)

Candidates who have gained full knowledge (mdules) and skills (portfolio) are awarded the state podiatry qualification and receive 180 ECTS. The state qualification panel make their decision based on the student’s full record.