College Life at IFPP Assas

Term time and timetable


Generally speaking, the first year at Ecole d’Assas begins during the first fortnight in September.
The second year and third year terms begin at the start of September.

Half-term is similar to secondary school half-term however, some placements may take place in half-term.
Lessons are held from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6.30pm (practical/theory lessons) every weekday.
Students have mornings off so they can revise, carry out research or personal work.
Students also have one or two mornings on placements outside the college in hospitals, rehabilitation centres or retirement homes.


Ecole d’ASSAS does not provide catering but students have access to rooms with microwaves where they can reheat their meals.

College fees

College fees are set annually before term begins.

College fees are due in three instalments at the start of each trimester.

Loans can be taken out from a bank: banks usually provide better rates as a “student loan”. Students can take out insurance to cover breaks in study.

Grants can be provided to students whose family or personal income is too low. Please see the Useful information page for further information about grants.

Currently, college fees include the management of the AFGSU (First Aid Training Certificate) – level 2 (this certificate is compulsory if students wish to take the podiatry state qualification exam).

Equipment purchase


Tools and medicine for podiatry treatment is provided by Ecole d’Assas. Foot orthotic supplies are also provided.