Website selection

Here is a selection of websites where you can find further information about studying and working as a physiotherapist or podiatrist.

Institutional Websites

French Ministry for Health
French Legal Database
Health Insurance
French Healthcare and Social Careers Website Portal
French State, Regions and Social Partners Website Portal
Ile de France Regional Council
Student Grants
ARS Ile de France (Regional Health Authority)
DRJSCS Ile de France (Regional Youth, Sport and Social Cohesion Authority)

About studying

CIDJ (Youth Information and Archive Centre)
CROUS Paris (Regional University and School Resource Centre)
LMDE (Student Health Insurance)
SMEREP (Student Social Security in the Paris Area)
FNEK (French Federation of Physiotherapy Students)

Professional physiotherapy websites

CNOMK (French Physiotherapy Council)
FFMKR (French Federation of Massage Therapists-Physiotherapists-Physical Therapists)
SNMKR (French Union of Massage Therapists-Physiotherapists-Physical Therapists)
Physiorama (Physiotherapy Professionals Portal)
Kinélégis (French Board of Consultant Physiotherapists)

Professional podiatry websites

ONPP (French Podiatry Council)
FNP (French Federation of Podiatrists)