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Opening out to the world

In 2009, the Assas School created an International Department to develop a global strategy for the School.

Through this initiative, the Assas School hopes to stimulate the exchange of fundamental knowledge and emerging skills in physiotherapy and podiatry.

The International Department ensures the success of these exchange programs through a full understanding of Assas’s partners and their respective academic curricula.

The Assas School’s international strategy is based on four major priorities:
1. to encourage and develop an international network for the initial training of physiotherapists and podiatrists;

2. to encourage student mobility in order to allow them to:

  • experience other professional cultures from the inside
  • discover different healthcare systems
  • come into contact with new ways of thinking in patient care
  • acquire at least one foreign language

3. to contribute to the mobility of the teaching staff; and 4. to capitalize on the international experiences of professors and students by widely sharing same through conferences, blogs and articles.

Students’ grades from the exchange program will be recognized in their final evaluations for the year.

For more information on the European and international mobility, please contact:

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