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Message from the physiotherapy training center Director

The Institut de Formation en Masso-Kinésithérapie (IFMK) Assas is 80 years old. It is a historic player in the training of physiotherapists in France who has contributed to the emergence and construction of this great profession.

Aware of this heritage, IFMK Assas offers its students a high-performance training course open to technological developments and new concepts of re-education, but always attached to the history of the profession, its values and its foundations.

Our ambition is to train high-performing, autonomous and responsible clinical physiotherapists. The reform of the studies and also the new definition of the trade, which has been in force since 27 January 2016, encourages us to continue along this path. We hope by our orientations and actions, anticipate the changes and prepare our students for the physiotherapy of the future.

The ability to take care of patients for first-line or advanced practices, will require reliance on evidence-based clinical practices and research in physiotherapy. These transversal skills are worked from the beginning of the curriculum to meet our goal of training professionals capable of managing complex situations, understanding them, analyzing them, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the people to be treated because “only the masseur is empowered to use the disciplinary knowledge and the associated know-how of education and rehabilitation in Masso-physiotherapy which he considers most suited to the situation and to the person , in compliance with the Code of ethics.

The exercise of physiotherapy therefore requires rigour and responsibility, which is why IFMK Assas is committed to ensuring that each student can develop the qualities and skills necessary for their future exercise in the respect of the values that lead us.

Jean-Jacques DEBIEMME

Director of the Physiotherapy School