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An Erasmus internship at Ecole d’Assas

Turquie Erasmus

Hello! My name is Yüsra! I am living in Istanbul, Turkey. I am a last year physiotherapy and rehabilitation student at Marmara University. I came at Ecole D’Assas with Erasmus+ Project. It was an amazing experience for me to be in Paris as a student. I want to share my experience and let more people know about it.

Why Erasmus? Since I was a child, I’ve been watching travel TV shows and I dreamed of visiting one day some other countries in the world. First of all Erasmus+ was a great opportunity to do this. Traveling abroad, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures, discovering new tastes, and sharing a moment with the people like you… I’ve also been able to do internship and I got a lot of clinical experience. I have seen working conditions in a different country. It was an incredible opportunity for me to discover new and different working fields and other treatment styles about physiotherapy. The whole process has been successfully organized with the delegates of both schools and ot gave me a great opportunity to improve my self-development

The adventure started on September 14 and ended on January 18. I did an internship in different places for 4 months. All my supervisors during my internships were successful in their fields. They have been always respectful and helpful to me and always concerned about teaching me different methods. Talking to the patients was hard for me because of the language barrier but they always helped me about it. I learned a lot of new things also and had the chance to practise. Especially post-cancer rehabilitation and urogenital rehabilitation internships have been really interesting for me. I’ve been in a cancer surgery. It was a new and unique experience for me. I learned the position of physiotherapy in France. I have experienced working conditions. I have knowledge in different fields of physiotherapy and I learned many different techniques. Also I had chance to work with different professions like orthophonist or occupational therapists.

I also helped as a volunteer during the ENPHE conference (European Ntework of Physiotherapy in Education). I had the opportunity to give my opinion about the physiotherapy training. Students were invited to participate to Mr Taddei, President of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI), conference on “The reversed conference. What would be the ideal physiotherapy class?”

I couldn’t spend a lot of time at school because of my internship, but I still managed to make friends. It was fun to spend time with them. I joined the integration week end party. It was amazingly crazy! I met with a lot of people in there. We had fun, danced together. We’ve moved away from all the stress and enjoyed being young. I am really proud to have been a member of Assas Army even for a while! And I learned different games from my friends. I didn’t think it would have been be so hard to know about ‘Santa Claus’. And there was a game that I will never forget: Jungle Speed game! I think I’ll have to come back to France for the rematch!

Erasmus KinéI had time to travel so I visited Strasbourg, Colmar, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Bordeaux in France. After France, I visited Bruges and Brussels in Belgium, Amsterdam in Holland and Berlin in Germany. I met with new people. Some of them were students like me some Others were travellers from other countries. We shared our cultures, foods, experiences, ideas… All these were amazing! Just being there game me an incredible happiness. Everything I imagined become true. I am really happy to have joined Erasmus+ Project as a member of Marmara University and invited by Ecole d’Assas. I will never forget these 4 months in my life!

Special thanks to my Erasmus coordinators Nicole Maurice, Eda Tonga, Semra Oğuz and İrem Burcu Omurtag. They worked hard to make a dream come true. They were always so nice, helpful and motivating. They made this experience possible and positive for me. I know that everyone works devotedly in teamwork and I respect it very much.

Special thanks to Michel Pillu, Nilüfer Keskin Dilbay and Alexandre Tan because of all the helps in my license thesis. They were always very patient and understanding to me.

Special thanks to all my supervisors in Hopital Tenon and in Leopold Bellan, to Asma Ben Youssef and Delphine Lelong for everything they taught me and for their support.

Special thanks to my friend Gabrielle Lebranc Söğütçü & her family for all her help during my adaptation to Paris and for being so kind and nice all the time.

Special thanks to Luc Legay and Marie-Odile Legay for being the best hosts I’ve ever seen and making me feel like someone from family.

The sharing of information is vital to the progression of healthcare

Dan Fleury Semaine Internationale 2019
Dan Fleury, Vice President of Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network, has been back in Paris for our International Week. He kindly accepted to answer our questions.

1) Dan, you were back this year for our International Week and gave 30 hours of teaching in 5 days: that’s no holiday at all, how did it go?
Dan Fleury: I was very pleased to come back to the school and see all the students I had the pleasure of teaching last year. It was great to hear how they remembered some of what they were taught and were implementing some new techniques in the clinic. Its always wonderful to see the professors and meet new ones from all over the world. I think the sharing of information is vital to the progression of healthcare. I always learn new things from the students and professors. Each time I come back I have new information to share with my therapists here in the US.

2) Apart from the clinics you gave to our PT students, you introduced our podology and occupational therapy students to clinical reasoning: are you used to such a pluridisciplinary encounter and how did they react?
Dan Fleury: During my everyday practice I have the pleasure of interacting with professionals from all different healthcare disciplines. Clinical reasoning is a skill that is difficult to grasp for students but it is vital to understand and be able to implement into clinical practice. The topic is a difficult one but all the students handled it like professionals and it is my hope they will all take that framework and build their future successfully!

3) You come to teach and share your experience but do you learn something from French PT or health care? Does this international experience bring you anything in your daily practice?
Dan Fleury: I never go to sleep without learning at least one new thing a day. When I teach there in France the chance to interact with so many students and so many other professionals affords me a wealth of new information. The healthcare environment is so different in France it’s interesting to compare pros and cons of each system and see the impact that has on the way we practice physical therapy in France vs the US.

4) A final word?
Dan Fleury: Always a pleasure to come and share information! I truly enjoy teaching and I don’t get to do enough of it in my everyday work!

Maeva Danois prépare les Jeux de Rio de Janeiro

Maeva Danois, notre étudiante Sportive de Haut Niveau, met sa formation de pédicure-podologue entre parenthèses, pour se préparer au mieux aux jeux olympiques.

Elle vient de battre son record personnel, ce qui est de bonne augure pour les sélections.

Nous sommes tous derrière elle pour la soutenir et l’encourager dans ses efforts !

Consulter son interview sur France Bleu.

Modalités d’admission en kiné à Assas

Assas 80 ans

A compter de septembre 2017 et conformément à l’Arrêté du 16 juin 2015, l’admission au sein des IFMK se fera désormais par voie universitaire.

En ce sens, l’IFMK de l’École d’Assas a conventionné avec différentes universités et plusieurs filières pour la rentrée universitaire de septembre 2017 à savoir :

PACES (75 places)

25 places pour la PACES de l’Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (intégration au sein de notre antenne Assas SQY)

20 places pour la PACES de l’Université de Paris Descartes

15 places pour la PACES de l’Université de Paris Créteil

15 places pour la PACES de l’Université de Paris Orsay


STAPS (25 places)

10 places pour les STAPS de l’Université d’Evry

10 places pour les STAPS de l’Université Paris Descartes

5 places pour les STAPS de l’Université de Paris Orsay


BIOLOGIE / SCIENCE DE LA VIE (16 à 20 places)

10 places pour la filière Bio de l’Université de Cergy Pontoise

5 places pour la filière Bio de l’Université de Paris Descartes

1 à 5 places pour la filière Bio de l’Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines(intégration au sein de notre antenne Assas SQY)


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